Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lindsay's New Ride

For Christmas, Lindsay received a new bike. She has been wanting to "upgrade" for some time now. She was telling us that she was going to start saving her birthday money for one. Every time we would go to the store, we would look at bikes and she would tell me which one she liked best. Well on Christmas morning, she looked at her bike and walked right past it. After a few minutes, we asked her what she thought of it, thinking that she did not like it since she did not have a reaction at first. She did not realize it was hers. She thought it was for her cousin Kristin! We told her it was hers and then she was excited! Her new bike is pink and purple -her favorite colors! Unfortunately, she could not ride it until a few days after Christmas. The weather was too rainy. So when we received a (small) break from the rain, she was outside riding around.



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