Friday, January 30, 2009

Lindsay's Birthday Dinner at Red Robin - "YUMmmm"

Last night we went out to Red Robin for Lindsay's birthday dinner with Scott's parents, Ken and Vicki and his grandmother, Elaine and cousin Rachel. Did you know that if you sign up for the eClub on Red Robin's website, everyone in your family will receive a free meal around their birthday every year? The e-mailed coupon expires a few weeks after your birthday so you don't have to rush there to use it. Anyway, the food was good and it was nice to visit with everyone. The waitresses came and sang Happy Birthday to Lindsay and brought her a sundae. Well Caleb enjoyed the sundae since "Miss Picky" did not like the whipped, cream and sprinkles. The waitress noticed and was nice enough to bring her another one with just ice cream and hot fudge. After a few bites, she informed us that it did not taste good either. Oh my goodness!! Caleb wanted that one too but it sat there to melt instead.

Today, we have a few last minute things to get ready for her party tonight. She is sooo excited - me, not so much! (Mom, look at the shirt Lindsay is wearing - it is really cute on her :)


Jennifer said...

looks like fun! You can also sign up at Cold Stone Creamery and get a free love-it ice cream for your birthday! (they send a coupon too - so you have a few weeks to use it, just like Red Robin)

A LDS mother to three busy kids said...

Yum-O! Our family is huge fans of Red Robin as well. The tower of Onion Rings is a personal fav. I could not believe she did not eat the ice cream sundae?!?....but hey kids can be picky about the funniest of things. :)

april said...

i love red robin - and i love getting the free burgers on my birthday -- then on top of that they sing to you and give you a free sunday. What more could you ask for?? :) Like Jennifer said - don't forget Cold Stone and I also signed up for Carinos this last birthday and got a free dessert -- which I love their desserts. Anything I can get for free - I love.

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