Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Vacation To Eagle Crest

We just returned home from spending 5 days at Eagle Crest. It was a much needed vacation. Scott has been gone a lot with either traveling or hunting so it was time for some relaxation. We really enjoy staying here. It is about 2 1/2 hours away in Central Oregon. The weather was beautiful - in the 70's! We spent a lot of time outdoors (mostly swimming) but also spent a day shopping at the outlet mall in Bend, went to see High School Musical 3, and enjoyed taking some walks. It was so much fun spending quality time with each other and not worrying about the daily routine at home.

Here is a picture of the condo we stayed in.

Our "traditional" breakfast here is Belgium waffles with homemade strawberry jam, bacon (or sausage) and eggs! At home, we are usually running around in the morning getting ready for school so breakfast is usually quick. Cold cereal, eggs, or frozen waffles.
Every night we play a game. Some of the kids favorite games are Life, Kids vs. Grown-ups, and The Price Is Right.

The first thing we are asked every morning is "When are we going swimming?" They both love to swim. There was an indoor pool and an outdoor one. They both loved going to the heated outdoor pool especially at night. We would spend a few hours there swimming, then getting in the hot tub, swimming, back in the hot tub, swimming - well, you get the idea!

Probably one of the highlights of the trip were the deer. They were so tame and cute! They would come right up to us. Scott (the hunter) wished he had his gun. Me, on the other hand, was glad I had my camera. "Quick, shoot a picture!"

One morning after breakfast, there were 5 deer that came up to our back porch. The kids were so excited. I know we are not suppose to but we quickly ran inside to get some food. As long as we were feeding them, they hung around. We were hoping they would come back the next morning. Caleb was saving a waffle for them but I guess they had a better offer somewhere else.

One of Caleb's favorite activities is the play with his "mote" control cars. He loves the one that Aunt Donna and Uncle Dave gave him for Christmas. He tries to drive his monster car over daddy's small car (the one Lindsay is driving).

Caleb is on a basketball team so Scott & Caleb took some time to practice with Lindsay joining the fun.

And finally, at the end of a long day, Lindsay's favorite thing to do is to take a big bubble bath. This night, however, we put too much bubbles in the water. So after relaxing for awhile, she headed for the shower. There was no way she was going to get all those bubbles off of her in the tub.

Well it is back to school and work. We wish we could have stayed longer but everyone would have been too far behind. Plus, Zeke missed us! It was a fun time. I am so thankful for my family and I love them very much!


rosiemost said...

Looks like the perfect getaway. What else could you ask for? Glad you had a fun time.

Dad said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time--never saw deer that tame!

Vanessa said...

Sounds like an amazing getaway! I'm so glad you and Scott got to spend some time together after his many travels. Does he usually go away this often?

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