Monday, October 06, 2008

While Scott's Away ... We Will Play!

Scott is on a business trip to Washington D.C. and Denver. He left early on September 28th and will not be home until the evening of October 8th. For me, this is a long time for him to be gone and I miss him a lot. It was a long time for us to be separated when the kids and I were in Ohio and I am now complaining about 11 days! I know that my brothers travel a lot, so honestly, how you do it Heather and Sarah? I really admire you. Is it hard for you too or are you use to it?

This last weekend, the kids and I decided to have a fun night out. We went bowling, hung around an arcade watching Caleb play some games, went to dinner, spent some time at the mall and at Target. It was a nice break for us especially after a long week. This year, both of our kids, especially Lindsay, are coming home with a TON of homework! Lindsay spends so much time on it since she has quite a bit to do. So Friday night is finally here and we decided to go have some fun.

Lindsay Bowling

Caleb Bowling

Caleb decided that he wants to be an OSU Beaver fan for Halloween. Here is a hat he is wanting for part of his costume. What do you think Scott?

We also went to the Hallmark store in our mall. On a certain day, once a month, they have their own version of the Webkinz Wheel Of Wow! Here you can win prizes (and nice ones too!) Lindsay spun and won a free Webkinz seal. Caleb spun and won a Webkinz magnetic bookmark.

Another thing I have been doing while Scott is away, is spending a lot of time on the computer. YIKES! The kids go to bed and there is nothing on T.V. that I want to watch. So the computer has been keeping me entertained. Well, I found a new, really fun site! It is Here you can make scrapbook pages on your computer. I have never been into making traditional scrapbooks. I truly appreciate them and all the time and love that is put into making them. I guess I did not want to go and buy all the paper and gadgets and then find a place to store them but this site is so cool and it is free! You can choose from pages that are already made or you can make your own. You pick your background paper, stickers, add photos, embellishments and more. I have made a few so far and this is the Halloween scrapblog that I made.

If you have some free time, check it out. They have a video that will show you how to make a scrapblog. It is a fun site to use. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Off to get some sleep!



Vanessa said...

I'm sorry Scott's been gone for such a long time. Do you ever have trouble sleeping? I know I sure do! It looks like you guys have had a lot of fun though!! Only 2 more days left?!

Sarah Most said...

I am still not used to Neal being gone. I cry everytime he leaves. I know, I am a big baby. It isn't so bad during the day because I am at work, but I hate when it gets dark and I am alone in the house. Atleast I have Capo to protect me! Hopefully it will eventually get easier because there is nothing I can do to stop it!

Heather said...

i usually sleep really good the nights my mom stays with me. she only stays when i have a late soccer game and ryland needs to go to bed though. i am used to him being gone we have lived this way for so many years that it is normal for us. there are times when i go with him or all of us go so that helps. when he is home we just try to make the most of that time. if i was newly married like sarah with no family around i really would not like it! nights are the longest especially when you are consumed with books about vampires and werewovles!

Our Family said...

I don't have too much trouble sleeping. One of the reasons is because I stay up too late to begin with so when I do go to bed, I crash. The kids always like to sleep in my bed but that is getting harder and harder since they are getting bigger and bigger.

I am glad that you have Capo there with you. Neal has taught him so many tricks. The next one that he needs to work on with him is to attack! I am sure he likes to cuddle with you at night though.

I should read that series. So many people are enjoying the books. I'll keep that in mind not to read them when Scott is going to be gone. How nice to have your mom nearby to help especially with all the different schedules.

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