Thursday, October 02, 2008

"My Fish Died"!!!!

As we were rushing to get ready for school this morning, Caleb came to me 10 minutes before the school bus was about to arrive, very sad! "My fish died"!! (I know, it is only a fish but to an 8 year old, this is devastating). I felt bad because I felt sorry for him but at the same time, he had a bus to catch. He was looking all over the house for an empty Tic Tac box. I told him a while ago that when my brothers and I were little and one of our fish died, we would take a Tic Tac box, place the fish in it and bury it! A perfect size don't you think?! Well I told him I would look for one while he was gone and for him to try and not think about it at school.

When he came home from school, he was fine. He wanted to know where the Tic Tac box was so he could put his fish in it. He then dug a hole in the backyard, buried him and put a octopus figurine on top.

But then, as soon as he was done, he found a new pet. On the fence was a praying mantis. Lindsay helped him catch it and he is excited to look at it for a day or two (before we let him free)! I don't know what we are going to do when Zeke kicks the bucket. I mean, lets face it, he is getting up there in cat years. That will not be a good day, week or month for the kids!

Caleb With A Pretend Sad Look On His Face Standing Next To The Octopus



Heather said...

oh caleb don;t be so sad. collin and trevor had a fish die this week too. well i think it was this week but it could have been a few weeks ago. i was cleaning the fish tank and i only could find three fish. i emptied all the water and the plants and rocks and still no dead fish. maybe the other fish ate it i don't know. they were all the same kind of fish so that is a little gross. this is not the first one we lost but we don't bury ours i just throw it in the trash. dead things gross me out but i have to be brave because wade is not around to take care of it.

Vanessa said...

Thank goodness for the praying mantis! One of our neighbor girls went fishing with us a couple weekends ago. Each of the kids got to bring home a little minnow that they caught with a net. We dropped the neighbor girl off at her house and she was back within 5minutes knocking on our door holding her fish out to us in its bowl. "I think it's taking a nap!" she said. Aaron was very blunt and said, "Fish don't take naps!!"

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