Thursday, May 07, 2009

Harry Potter Books

Lindsay & Caleb have started reading the Harry Potter books. They both are enjoying them so far. Lindsay was undecided about reading this series. She almost started reading them in 3rd grade but decided not to because she thought she would not enjoy them. But now she is and it is fun seeing them read the books & talk about them together. The Harry Potter books are really good for the Accelerated Reading Program at school. After a book is read, students take a quiz to see how well they understood the book. After the quiz, they receive points based on the book's point value and how well they did on the quiz. Each grading period, they have a personal goal that they have to meet.

When Lindsay & Caleb are both done with a book, they want to watch the movie. Personally, Harry Potter is not my favorite but Scott enjoys it. He will answer questions they may have and likes watching the movies with them too.


Anonymous said...

Linsay and Caleb...I loved reading the Harry Potter books! I couldn't wait until the next one came out. I read the first one almost 10 years ago. It would be fun to read them all over again. Enjoy ! Love ya, Granny

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