Friday, May 01, 2009

Food Storage Ideas

I am sitting here at our computer while a 105 page book is being printed on our printer. I HAVE to grab every page when it is completed or else the printer will damage the bottom of each page if I leave it in the tray. Who knows what happened to our printer over the years. I guess it is time for a new one. So I thought I would share a few exciting links that I have recently found while I am grabbing pages.

I am on a food storage kick right now and I want to get organized with our food. Yes we have somewhat of a good amount of food in our storage, but I want to make sure we have all the things that we need. Our storage is mostly made up of flour, rice, oatmeal, pasta, milk, sugar. We have some vegetables, fruit, sauces, among a few other things in there too. But I am asking myself, do I have everything for certain meals? Do I have enough of certain things for 3 months? For a year? How can I be better at rotating our storage? So of course I went to the Internet for some ideas and I want to share a couple that I have found.

This site is really nice. It has so much information and videos for me to learn from. They have step by step instructions that you can accomplish so you don't forget anything. They will also send you an email every two weeks letting you know what you should do next. There are Excel worksheets where you can put in meals that your family will eat and it will multiply the quantities so you know exactly how much you need. You can put in how much you have on hand so you know if you need to buy more. My suggestion is to go to their website and browse around. I am really enjoying browsing and learning from their cute site. This is where I am downloading the book from.

The second thing, that my mom suggested, is a series of YouTube food storage videos by Wendy Dewitt. There are 9 videos from a class that she taught. As I was watching them, I was really wishing I was better organized. She has every meal planned out for a year. A loaf of bread and desserts for every day too!! I am so impressed.

Wendy Dewitt videos:

Another blog I found with a lot of good information along with some good sounding recipes is called Preparedness Matters. "This site provides information to help individuals and families become more prepared for adversity in life". This site emphasizes five areas of preparedness:

  1. Food and Water Storage
  2. Financial Preparedness
  3. Spiritual Preparedness
  4. Emergency Preparedness
  5. Provident Living

Prepardness Matters:

And finally, I would like to thank my friend Kris for giving me a start of her Oregon Pioneer Hop Yeast Starter. I do love homemade bread but never take the time to make it. So with this starter, and the recipes she gave me, I am going to fill the house up with the scent of homemade fresh bread. It is going to be so yummy!

I hope you enjoy these sites. If anyone has any other good food storage sites that they like, please let me know. I would love to hear about them.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're really getting organized. Can you come and talk to my RS sisters ! Love ya, Mom

Alison said...

If you ask me, with this post, you're just begging to be the new 'food storage specialist'. Hope Serena doesn't see it.
But thanks for the ideas!

Our Family said...

Ha! Yeah right! Jamie B. is doing a FINE job as the Food Storage Specialist. I am constantly asking her questions (since we are VT partners). Anyhow, I like my calling in Primary, thank you very much!

Now I am wondering if I have enough ingredients to make the Bomb Cake - in an emergency, of course :)

Serena said...

Well, now I've seen this and am quite impressed!! I think we know who to call if Jamie ever gives out on us. You rock Food Storage, Natalie!!!

april said...

wow -- i suck at food storage

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