Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Eventful Month of May

This past month has been so busy. I can't believe that I have not had time to blog. Since I could not pick one event, or so I would not have to create 9 individual posts, I am going to make 1 looooooong post with lots of pictures about things we have been doing. Hopefully you won't be too bored:

Caleb: front row third from right
Lindsay: back row fifth from left
Both Lindsay and Caleb joined choir at the beginning of the year. This program is for students in 3rd - 5th grade. Practice was held after school on Tuesday and Thursdays. After the first week, Caleb regretted signing up but he signed a contract that he would participate all year. So it was a constant struggle with him not wanting to go. He knew he had to but he was not happy about it. Lindsay has been in choir for the past 3 years so she was ready to be done around December. This picture is from one of their last field trips. Our school participated in the Oregon Children Choir festival with students from all over Oregon. "It was a long and boring day", if you ask Caleb.

Father/Son Campout
I spy Caleb, Reece, . . that is all I recognize.
Scott and Caleb went on the annual church Father/Son campout, without camping out. They decided to go and not spend the night because early the next morning was the District Pinewood Derby. They stayed for the evening and returned home around midnight. Another father thought that was such a good idea that he and his son left early too. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed at night. One of the highlights for the boys is catching salamanders. Another highlight is the campfire, of course. The camera cord was in the last picture but there were only a few pictures to choose from.

District Pinewood Derby

Caleb's orange Beaver car with flames. Yes, it is the same color as last year and since we still have some paint left, it will probably be the color for next years car too!!

Getting ready to race -

Caleb, on the right, during the race - .

Caleb and his good friend Trevor from school.
District Pinewood Derby is sooooooo long! We were there for hours and Caleb raced for about 5 minutes. Now I know why someone pays their son not to go ;) I won't name who, but it is a brilliant idea!!

Mother's Day
Lindsay made me breakfast in bed. Yummy homemade waffles!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I was spoiled. I received my gift a few days before which I was surprised to receive. On Sunday morning, thankfully the Bishopric meeting was cancelled at church so Scott was able to be home. I was treated to breakfast in bed along with a couple treats. I love the box of cereal they gave me. Look at it closely. It is called Honey Sunshine. I have always called Lindsay, Sunshine and Caleb is my Honey! And have you tried those natural fruit leathers??? So good!!

Caleb's Field Trip to the
Wings of Wonder
Butterflies everywhere!

Caleb's third grade class went to the Wings of Wonder, a butterfly exhibit. There were butterflies everywhere. You had to be careful where you stepped because they would land in front of you or on you!!

Here is Caleb and Logan at the Wings of Wonder.

Meet the Author
"A Day In The Woods" written & illustrated by, Lindsay

One of the assignments in Lindsay's class was to write a hardcover book. The students spent a lot of time with this project and they all turned out very professional. There was a Meet the Author party. Parents were invited and the students would read parts of their stories. They all have such creative imaginations.

Basketball Party
Basketball season is over. Caleb had a fun time this season. He was on a team with all of his friends and he had the same coaches from past seasons. They are getting better and better each season. The team and parents went out for pizza and an award ceremony. As you can see, the boys had a fun night!
I promise I am almost done, just a couple more events . . .
Lindsay's 5th Grade Field Trip
Lindsay's class went on a walking field trip to a few places. First stop was a senior center and the kids took their books they made and read them to the residents. Our next stop was to a museum in our town where they are making a carousel. I (yes, I go on practically every field trip) was so impressed with the work that was being done. Everything is hand carved and painted by volunteers. There are many different animals being created, each with its own unique story. There are about 5 more years until this project is completed. It was so much fun to be there and see the work in progress.

The carousel's platform.
and last, but not least. . .
The Iris Gardens

This is a day of my very own. A field trip with MY friends, a day without kids :) Today, Julene, Kris, Sarah and I went to the temple, out to lunch, shopping at Dessert Book and then to the Iris Gardens. What a fun day. Here are some pictures that Kris took with her cell phone. The flowers were gorgeous and very fragrant. I had such a fun day and I appreciate such good friends.
Julene, Kris, myself & Sarah

The gardens were beautiful

Hopefully you were not too bored. If so, sorry - this is also my way of journaling what is going on in our life. School is winding down, just a week and a half left with plenty of fun activities for the kids. We are all anxious for summer break and having a lot of fun!


Dad said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Caleb looks really tall in the choir picture--I think not sleeping out is too easy--looks like you guys have been really busy!

Alison said...

That is a big month!
{{Feel free to mention me by name, anytime}} That was me, right? About districts?
You are such a good mom to go on ALL the field trips :-)

Our Family said...

Yes it was you that I was referring to Alison - again, brilliant idea!!

I do have fun going on the field trips. It is a good way to keep an eye on my kids :)

Vanessa said...

Loved catching up on your life, Natalie! The girls' day out looks so fun! Isn't May the craziest month? I think I was at school for a program every single day! I'm excited for June!!

Anonymous said...

Just got back I got to catch up on my e-mail etc. Only 277 messages! Looks like you have been as busy as me. Fun times ! Talk to you soon. Love, Mom

april said...

looks fun -- i'll have to go check out the carousel again -- it looks like they've done a lot more since the last time i went

Katie-a said...

Oh Aunt Natalie!!! May is always a crazy month. Even in little ole Cody! THere are so many activites, and we go from one place to another right after each other. Crazy times. It is fun tho, even though we are all grateful when June rolls around. Only 5 1/2 weeks til Kevin comes home!! We are so excited and cannot wait to see all of you!! Love you lots!

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