Monday, September 29, 2008

A Visit With Uncle Neal

My brother Neal was here on a business trip so he was able to spend the evening with the kids and I. We had tacos for dinner, played some Wii, and watched the Steelers - too bad that Scott is on a business trip as well because he would have enjoyed watching the game with Neal! Anyway, we are glad that you were able to come - we enjoyed your visit!

Uncle Neal With Lindsay & Caleb

Playing Wii

Spending Some Quality Time With Zeke

and then . . .

I had to check my linen closet as soon as you left. I figured you were up to something!

I don't know why you always have to mess up my nice, neat stacks!!!!

-Natalie, Lindsay & Caleb


Neal said...

Heh. I had no doubt you would find the towels moved! I had a great time. Thanks

Sarah Most said...

What a punk! I guess he'll always be your younger brother.

Dad said...

I am suprised that Zeke let Neal pet him--flowers look great!

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