Sunday, September 07, 2008

...Tennessee, Alabama and ...

While we were in Ohio, Mom & I, along with the kids planned a visit to Neal & Sarah in Tennessee, and Wade, Heather, Collin, Trevor & Ryland in Alabama. It was nice since we have never been to their houses before and it has been awhile since we have seen them. Since Dad was getting ready to go back to work, he did not come with us. The traveling was not bad. Again, I was worried about the kids and the long trip but we did not hear too many "How much longer until we get there" questions or have to stop many times for bathroom breaks. It took 9 hours to get to Neal and Sarah's and then only an hour and a half more to get to Wade and Heather's. Here are some pictures of our trip there -

After we arrived, we went out to Mellow Mushroom for dinner (DELICIOUS! - Wish there was one in Oregon) and went to paint pottery. That was really fun - Lindsay painted a cat container with a lid, Caleb painted a monkey bank and I painted a "You Are Special" plate. The kids had so much fun and they keep asking to go again. I did not take a picture while painting but when we were leaving the pottery place, there was a big chair that we took a few pictures on-

While at Neal and Sarah's, the kids had fun playing with their dog Capo, Lindsay went to Activity Days with Aunt Sarah and they both went swimming at their neighborhood pool. School already started there so they had the pool to themselves -

We also went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner one night - YUM!

We had a lot of fun in Tennessee. After spending a few days there, we were off again to Alabama to see Wade, Heather, Collin, Trevor and Ryland for a couple days. Neal, Sarah and Capo came for one of the days too.

The kids were so excited to see everyone and to go swimming in their pool. They were also excited to play some Wii games with Collin & Trevor -

Trevor, Lindsay, Caleb & Collin

And Lots Of Swimming -

Swimming With Ryland - He Is So Cute!

Lindsay Loved Playing With Ryland

The Boys Had So Much Fun!

Capo had a fun time swimming too.

There are also some funny videos on Neal and Sarah's site if you want to see Capo jumping off the diving board. It was really funny.

Before we left, we took some pictures of everyone -

Funny Pose

We had a lot of fun with everyone - (The kids cried when we left). We would like to thank everyone for a wonderful time and hopefully we will see everyone again soon.

-Natalie, Lindsay & Caleb

To Be Continued...


Vanessa said...

The whole family together again! It was so fun to see everybody!!

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