Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our Trip To Ohio, and ...

Warning: This post is going to be really, really long - a lot happened on our trip since we were gone for 3 weeks so in order to make sure I have documented everything, this is going to be a looooooooooooooooong post!!

The kids and I had the opportunity to go to visit Granny & PapPap, my Mom & Dad, in Ohio for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, Scott was not able to go. He stayed home and worked while we were out having fun and spending all his hard earned money. We left August 6th and the only flight that we could get that was a good deal was a red-eye flight. We left Portland at 12:50 am. If that was not bad enough, we had a 3 hour layover in Minnesota in the early morning. I was so worried about the kids and how they were going to handle it but they really pulled through and did a wonderful job of being helpers with a good attitude!! So to keep them entertained during our layover we rode many moving sidewalks and rode the tram many times especially since we were the only ones on it -

Then we found an arcade and they played lots of games -

Then, after our second flight, we finally arrived in Ohio - very exhausted but excited to be there and to see Granny & PapPap!

So here are some of the activities that we did while we were in Ohio. I cannot go to Ohio without taking a trip to North Canton where I grew up. We decided to make a day trip there so we could go shopping and see our "old" house. We tried to talk Dad out of going since we knew he would be bored with all the stores we wanted to go to but he still insisted on going (I'm sure he regreted that decision later especially after our first stop to the Flower Factory which only took a couple hours.) After a morning at the Flower Factory we stopped at Dogwood park for lunch -

And then drove by our "old" house-

That was a fun day (except for Dad and the kids who were bored after an afternoon of more shopping!)

Another thing we did while we were in Ohio was to visit Gramma (the kids call her Ma.) It has been awhile since we have seen her. She was sure excited to see the kids. We had a good visit with her and here are some pictures from both our visits -

Gramma saved 4 Saltine Crackers from one of her meals for the kids to feed the fish, ducks and turtles. I told them to break off small pieces to make the fun last longer.

You can barely see them but there were a lot of fish!

Dad and Gramma - I know, not the best picture but I think it is cute (funny) how they both have the same facial expression.

And then the last Ohio activity that I took pictures of is when we went to the park -

PapPap and Caleb - So Handsome!

There were many other activities that we did in Ohio but that is most of the pictures that I took. We went to Kirtland to visit the Church sites (I forgot my camera that day - so mad!) The kids had fun fishing, golfing and feeding the ducks with PapPap and Mom & I shopped a lot for school clothes and much more. Even though our trip was 3 weeks long, we also went on some another trips during our trip - does that make sense?? We went to Tennessee to see Neal & Sarah and to Alabama to see Wade, Heather, Collin, Trevor & Ryland. We also took the kids to Niagara Falls, but since this post is really long and there is so much more to come, I am going to create separate posts for the trips to my brothers and to Niagara Falls.

-Natalie, Lindsay & Caleb

To Be Continued ...


Vanessa said...

What a fun trip! Everyone looks great! Aren't those 3 week trips crazy?!

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