Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video Of Caleb Riding On California Screamin'

(Link to the California Screamin' video is below)
I feel bad that I have not blogged about our Disneyland trip yet. We purchased a new video camera before our trip and I want to incorporate the videos into our blog. Unfortunately, I am unsure how to transfer the videos onto our computer. Scott has been too busy lately to help me figure it out so that is why I have not posted anything from our vacation. I surprisingly figured out how to get a video onto YouTube.

Before you watch the video, I need to tell you about our favorite ride California Screamin' first. We all enjoyed this ride so much. This is the first time that we all went on a "big" roller coaster ride together as a family. The kids were not interested this year in the Dumbo ride, Toon Town, the Tea Cups or seeing any of the characters. They mostly wanted to go on the bigger rides like the Tower of Terror and California Screamin'. I am not sure how many times we rode this roller coaster. LOTS! It is well worth it to us to pull the kids out of school for a week so we can be there without the crowds and the heat. We would ride California Screamin' and get right back on again and again.

Caleb wanted us to video him on the ride. Caution, this video has some bumps and turns so hopefully no one will get sick watching it. Scott tried his best to keep the camera on Caleb's face at all times but that too was a challenge. Caleb, of course, is being silly, acting like he is scared but believe me, he is still talking about the ride today. "When can we go back? I had so much fun!"

To watch our YouTube video, click on this sentence! (not on Caleb's picture :)



Vanessa said...

Your vacation sounds like a blast! I couldn't get the video to work, but I will try again later. So fun!

Alison said...

Oh what fun!

I'll have to show Miles the video, he'll love it too.

Serena said...

How Fun! I love the look of excitement on his face when the ride first starts!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time! Love ya, Granny

Dad said...

I enjoyed the video--I would have liked to see where I was going part of the time.

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