Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Scott!

Today is Scott's 40th Birthday! Now Scott is not one to celebrate his birthday much, nor was he excited to turn 40, so things were kept pretty low key! We started the celebration early, with Lindsay getting up extra early, to help me make him some breakfast before he left for work.

After a long day at work, we celebrated some more with his favorite dinner - Mom Most's meatloaf, potatoes, corn and salad too. It was nice to have Grandma Stout (Scott's grandmother) come to dinner to celebrate with us.

Last but not least, Scott's favorite birthday cake. Cherry Chip cake with cream cheese frosting! The kids were impressed, he blew out all 40 candles in one breath!

Thanks to everyone who called, sent cards and e-mailed him today. He enjoyed all of his birthday wishes!
I love you Sweets and I appreciate you so much!! Happy Birthday!


P.S. I am working on the Disneyland pictures but it is going to be awhile. Caleb's birthday is next!


Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday, Scott! Natalie, you did a great job on the food! What a beautiful spread!!

Anonymous said...

Natallie..will you come and do MY birthday ! What special treatment.
Remember Scott "life only gets better and better". So much to look forward to yet. Hope you had a great day.
Keep working on that Cedar Point trip.
Love, Mom

Heather said...

glad he enjoyed his bday. hope caleb does too.

Dad said...

That breakfast deserves a 9.4 for presentation!

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