Sunday, March 08, 2009

Caleb's 9th Birthday Party

Friday night, Caleb had 5 of his friends come to help celebrate his birthday with him. He invited (from left to right) Jacob, Brandon, Trevor, Bryer and Logan. Unfortunately, Miles could not make it - the boys missed you! There really was not a theme this year. All Caleb really wanted to do was play games with his friends.
One of the highlights of the evening was playing with Caleb's automatic Nerf gun. They all had fun trying to aim at each other. They were shooting down the hall and everyone was trying not to get hit. Scott even shot at them all a few times. There was a lot of laughter and enjoyment with the Nerf gun.

We celebrated with a Wii cake. I tried to talk Caleb in letting me buy him a cake, but he wanted me to make him one that spelled out Wii in blue sprinkles. Lets just say that it took awhile to get the sprinkles to look just right! It was a labor of love!

Present time - Caleb truly loved every gift.
Thanks everyone!!

Night time! Scott was a BIG help in getting the boys to bed. They wanted to stay up until 3 am but we vetoed that idea really fast. They started to get settled around midnight!

The next morning we were woken up around 7 am with the sounds of pop guns and laughing. Hopefully no one was too crabby the next day! :)

Caleb had so much fun! Thanks to everyone for making his birthday so special and for being such a good friend to him.


Anonymous said...

Hey Caleb..looks like your BD party was the best ever. Wish I could have tasted that delicious looking cake. Was it chocolate or vanilla? Glad you had a great time with your friends. Lots of love, Granny

Alison said...

It looks like another AWESOME birthday party! Miles was really sad he couldn't be there. But the bright side is, you didn't have to wake up at 5AM! :-)

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