Friday, December 19, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

It's beginning to look a lot like...

This week we have snow! This does not happen much in Oregon but I personally love the snow and dislike the rain! It started on Sunday, snowed off and on during the week and it is still snowing today! Since Oregon is not equipped to handle the snow, even if it is an inch or two, they will cancel school. So the kids did not have school on Monday, Tuesday or today this week. Some schools in the valley were cancelled all week. I bet those kids were happy to get a 3 week Christmas break!! Lindsay & Caleb were excited when school was cancelled except for today. They were looking forward to their classroom Christmas parties. But instead, they are having fun outside playing, enjoying the snow before it goes away! Caleb has been out there for awhile now. He is trying to make an igloo. I think it is about a foot high now. I don't think he will get much further. I am making hot chocolate for him right now to warm him up. Thanks to Alison, I have a cool hot chocolate maker that I received last year for a birthday gift. It is getting used quite a bit!

The Banks (Scott's sister and family) just left from Wyoming today for Oregon! Can't wait to see them! Only 6 more days until ...Christmas!



Alison said...

I believe the cocoa motion maker ranks right up there with a toaster. You almost can't live without it!

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