Friday, December 19, 2008

Kids Christmas Party

Every year, the company that Scott works for has a few of Christmas parties. There is one for the kids, teenagers, and the adults. Last Saturday, the kids had their party. There are a lot of games and activities for them. Lindsay had fun having her face painted, Caleb enjoyed the games. There was pizza, chips, cookies, pop and cotton candy to eat. Of course Santa came. He arrived in a golf cart throwing stuffed animals everywhere. I was really proud of Lindsay. She caught a few stuffed animals and then decided herself to give them away to younger kids who did not receive one. Both kids also saw "Santa". When you look at the Santa pictures, take a good look at him. He looks looks really grumpy. It probably is because he was obviously having a bad hair day!

Caleb On The Right

Dance Dance Revolution

A Balloon Sword

Caleb Enjoying Some Cotton Candy

Lindsay With Grumpy Claus

Caleb & Grouchy Claus



Sarah Most said...

Yeah that Santa is really scary looking.

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