Friday, November 21, 2008

The Forgotten Carols

On Wednesday night, we went to see Micheal McLean's The Forgotten Carols near Seattle. (Our Seattle trip will be posted later after I have some time to create some fun scrapblog pages!)

Anyway, for those of you who have not heard of The Forgotten Carols, the story is about a nurse who's name is Constance Chamberlin and an elderly gentleman named Uncle John (played by Micheal McLean). Constance is assigned to visit and care for John in his home during the Christmas holidays. Constance, or Connie Lou, as Uncle John likes to call her, has reason to think that her patient John has deep psychological problems because he insists that he is over 2000 years old. But his constant cheerfulness and compassionate attitude makes him appealing to her. "The Forgotten Carols" are sung by those who played a small part in the Nativity when Jesus was born. John is reminded of them when he places ornaments from them on his Christmas tree. He received the ornaments from people like the innkeeper who turned away Joseph and Mary, a shepherd who followed the star and one from an a young angel who tried out for the heavenly chorus to sing on the day of Christ's birth. Of course in the end, John isn't what he seems, and Constance comes to understand his gift to her as he shares the real story of Christmas.

Scott and I saw this play when we were at Ricks College 16 years ago. We really enjoyed it and every year we enjoy listening to the Forgotten Carols CD. We have been wanting to see the show again but it was always too far away since most shows are in Idaho and Utah. When we found out that it was near Seattle, we took the kids out of school for a couple of days because we did not want to pass up the opportunity. This trip was a great way to start our 2008 Christmas season, and for us to keep in mind what Christmas is truly about, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.



Vanessa said...

It sounds fabulous. I am going to add it to my "Must See" list! Thanks for the great idea. Glad you got to go!

Sarah Most said...

I love the Forgotten Carols! We used to listen to the story and music on tape whenever we were in the car when I was growing up. I have never seen in in person, but I would love that.

Heather said...

i first was introduced to the forgotten carols in seminary one year. i have listened to it at christmas or not every year since. last year i read the whole story and stopped ti add the music in with the kids and they really enjoyed it also. sounds like you had a good time

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