Friday, March 28, 2008

So What Do You Think Mom?

So here are some pictures of the newly painted bathroom. You really can't tell much difference on the picture that the wall color is not white but it is now a beige color. The cabinet was white before but now a darker brownish/gold color and I also drilled holes for some wooden knobs. The ceiling, unfortunately needed painted too. I have a little trim work left to do but after spending 2 days in the bathroom, I needed a break. Caleb was funny by saying, "You did a good paint job but I really don't like the color!" He would only be truly happy if it was blue, green or orange. Lindsay's comment was that she liked the bathroom because she is use to this color (a repeating color in our house) and that it reminds her of chocolate!


wade said...

Looks like Mom's Bathroom?????

Natalie said...

Well then I will take that as a compliment. If it is the style you are referring to or the "familiar" decorations, if it looks like Mom's then I am happy.

Rosie said...

Wade I'm taking that personally.. . . . insult or compliment. Mom

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