Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caleb's 8th Birthday Party!

Well, the time finally came. Caleb has been waiting patiently for this day. His first sleepover. Lindsay had to wait until she was 8 so Mom & Dad made Caleb wait as well. (Note that Mom's excitement level was low and nerves were very, very high!) Caleb has been planning his party for at least a year. A Mario Party! His favorite! He invited 4 of his friends. The boys made pizza since it is one of Mario's favorites, had mushroom cupcakes, Yoshi Juice (Sprite) and Goomba Juice (Rootbeer). The major attraction for the evening was the Bowser Zone. Balloons filled with pictures of different Mario characters, pictures of coins, slips that said "Lose A Turn", "Free Spin" and of course, a picture of Bowser. Miles was the one who popped "defeated" the balloon with Bowser in it! Games were being played on the Wii and the Nintendo 64, with many games to choose from. The energy was high, the burping was loud, and the Tylenol came in handy but the boys had fun! Enjoy the pictures!


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