Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cub Scout Camp

We had the opportunity to go to Cub Camp this past week. When I say we, I mean Caleb of course, Lindsay and myself. They had a separate group of girls who were able to participate in all the same activities as the boys. If the girls mom was going to help at camp then the daughter was able to attend too. So Caleb (and Lindsay) were excited to go.

The theme for camp this year was Pirates. There were many activities for the kids to participate in. There were 11 boys in Caleb's group and he knew most of them from our ward and our previous ward. His leader, Capt'n Brian was from another pack and was a good leader. He was very organized, prepared and patient. All went pretty well through out the week. The kids and I were pretty tired when it got to Wednesday but the kids pulled through and had a blast. But on Friday, I was ready for it to be over. I am glad that I went though. Caleb had so much fun with his friends and being able to participate in the fun activities. Lindsay had a great time too. I wish I saw her more during the week but we saw each other every once in awhile. Scott came up for one afternoon to walk around with us but maybe next year he will be able to attend for a whole day or two!


P.S. The last couple pictures are the kids in the car. Since we had a 40 minute drive each way, we took some entertainment and the Nintendo did the trick! Sharon, one of my Beehives came as well. She volunteered her time in the Tot-Lot all week watching the younger kids. It was funny though listening to the boys in the car and their conversations!!


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