Friday, April 11, 2008

My First Quilt

I finally finished my first quilt for a bed. This is in our spare bedroome which is also the kids T.V. room so I decided to have the bed as a day bed style. I am really excited to have it completed. I love the quilting that was done on it. It has stars all over. I already have plans for my second one. Hopefully it will not take as long as my first one. Not that it was hard sewing the squares together but it was stashed away for awhile because I was doing other projects around the house. Right now mom is enjoying using it and whoever else comes to stay can enjoy using it as well.


Vanessa said...

Beautiful quilt! You are amazingly talented, Natalie!!

Kristin said...

That is amazing! I so call using it when we come to sleep at your house. lol

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