Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Board Games

Our family loves playing games. We usually play a game or two every week after dinner. Some of our favorites include Apples To Apples, Sorry, Life, The Price Is Right and Monopoly to name a few. For Christmas we received a few new games that we are really enjoying:

Monopoly City
This is a fun twist to Monopoly AND there is a timer so the game does not last for hours!!
Caleb needed some money. He thought he would sell passes for those who landed on his spaces. Instead of paying the price that the card said, you would have a "free pass" that only cost you a million dollars to begin with.

Obviously he was desperate and was not getting any buyers.

Ticket To Ride is a game that my parents gave us for Christmas. This is my favorite game right now. Scott and I have played this game numerous times and I am trying not to be a sore loser! We introduced this game to Scott's parents who enjoy it too. If anyone wants to learn how to play, come on over and we'll have a fun game night.
This week I added a few new games for us to try. Target was having their 75% off clearance toys. I found 5 new board games. I was so excited to get such a good deal - almost like I won a game!


Anonymous said...

I love to play games too. Unfortunately we had some sore losers at our house when you guys were young. Glad you are enjoying TIcket to Ride. Miss you guys. Love Mom

Jaime said...

We love Ticket to Ride. We got it for Christmas 2 years ago and it is a favorite for sure. I love Caleb's creative survival strategy.

Alison said...

I'd like to learn how to play!!!

Our Family said...

Well then come on over! We can figure out a time and have game night. Let me know your schedule since you are so busy.

Oh, and I found a good bread recipe that I made last night. Amish White Bread. Scott is still hung up on your cinnamon bread so I think I will make this again and add the cinnamon!

Matt & Beth said...

How are you? Hey, I have your blog on our blog and Matt and I love to play Ticket to Ride. Our brother in law introduced us to it at Christmas and as soon as we got home, I ordered it on Amazon. Excellent game. Matt keeps beating me though. We played about 7 times on Sunday. Enjoy!!!! I was actually going to blog about how much I love this game. Thank you for advertising it to the world. We love it!

Dad said...

Monopoly was my favorite game growing up--we cheated like crazy--now it seems so boring!

Vanessa said...

I've also heard FABULOUS things about Ticket to Ride! What a fun family tradition!!

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