Thursday, March 27, 2008


Happy Easter to everyone! We had a busy day. The kids woke us up wanting to find their baskets. We had to hurry to take Scott to the airport since he was leaving on a business trip. After dropping him off we went to Grandma Stout's for Easter dinner and egg hunt. It was nice to spend time with the family even though we missed Scott!
-Scott, Natalie, Lindsay & Caleb


Heather Most said...

Natalie that is so sad that scott had to leave on Easter. well someone has to bring home the bacon. at least you have his family to spend the day with and celebrate. we had a great easter with everyone. it is too bad that you guys are so far away. maybe one of these days we can celebrate something together.

Natalie said...

A holiday would be nice but at least we have something now to look forward to. Lindsay and Caleb can not wait to see everyone especially Collin, Trevor and Ryland and to go swimming with them!

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